LSUK AGM 1st April 2017 Thank you letter from Chairman

Dear Respected All,

I am writing this message to thank you all for attending and making the 10th Annual General Meeting a remarkable success.

Please accept this sincere appreciation for every one of you who found the time to participate and make it happen. For those of you who did not attended there will be always next time. I would like to request you all to continue to participate and support all activities throughout the year and many more years. This will make our organization move forward to another level and help our Members when in need.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank and Congratulate all event Coordinators namely Summer BBQ Coordinator Advisor Capt Deb Ghale, Nepali Mela Coordinator Parshu Gurung and his Team, 10 Anniversary Coordinator Senior Vice President Bishwa Jang Gurng, Smarika Coordinator Advisor Ek Bahadur Gurung and his Team. Artist Documentation Coordinators Advisors Kirti Bilash Pant and Culture Secretary Prem Gurung wishing you all the best. I also would like to thank you all those who help us directly and indirectly over the year.

Finally, I would like to thank Amaa Samuha for supporting us in every step. Secretary Purna Chandra and Treasurer Surendra Ghale has given their healthy presentation well done for your hard work. Also, would like to thank you all speakers of the day A/ Treasurer Bidhan Gurung, Founder president & Advisor Chandra Psd Gurung, Former president & Advisor Krisna Kumar Gurung and farmer president & Advisor Tularam Gurung, Advisor Ek Bahadur Gurung, Senior VP Bishwa Jang Gurung, Chair Woman Mrs Juna Gurung, Advisor Kirti Bilash Pant, Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Advisor Purnaraj Gurung, Advisor Capt Deb Ghale updated Chipla Water project, Capt Ran bahadur Gurung has updated Tamu sangrhalaya Besisahar, Plumsted Area report updated by EC Member Om Psd Gurung. Sport secretary Prem raj Gurung, Web updater Umar Jung Gurung. If there were any shortfall please let us know your suggestion thank you. Looking forward to seeing you all in Summer BBQ Party on Saturday 15 of July 2017 at Connaught School Aldershot thank you.

Jai Lamjung Samaj UK

Bohat Gurung

Chairman LSUK

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