LSUK Summer BBQ on Sat 15 July 2017 Thank you letter from Chairman

I on behalf of LSUK and my family would like to thank you all for attending & making the summer BBQ Grand success on Saturday 15 July 2017. I hope everyone had a enjoyable time.

I would like to thank our event co-ordinator Advisor Capt Deb Ghale for his excellent coordination, planing, preparation, dedication & hard work, formar presidents, Vice presidents, Secretary Purna chanda, treasurer Surendra Ghale & team, sports secretary Prem Raj Gurung, entertainment secretary Prem Gurung & team, Parshu Gurung , youth team, photographer Milan Tamu, Miss Bimla Gurung & video grapher BBM World TB chief executive Bishan Gurung, hosts Mr Prem Gurung & Mrs Sabita Gurung, singers from Nepal Raju Dhakal and Jamuna Rana and our local singers, dancers & all event coordinators, amma samuha drink team and ticketing team, DJ Team, decoration team, cleaners and all volunteers for organising the different events and ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

I would like to express my big thank you for all sponsors for your generous contribution and support.

I would like to congratulate all games winners and raffle draw winners. Congratulation & best wishes Saduram Dai for your Indreni Album , Best of luck Advisor Sher Sunar for NRNUK Vice President candidate, Best of luck for Ms Sangita Gaire for your dance competition.

Delicious BBQ & dinner provided by Advisor Sher Sunar "Betghat Resturant " Aldershot in very reasonable price. Thank you Sher ji.

I would also like to express my special thanks to all volunteers & all those who helped us directly and indirectly to make this event successful.

Thankfully even the weather was on our side. Thank you for all the positive comments on the event however if there was anything that did not meet your expectations than please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can further improve our future events.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone again for attenting & making Summer BBQ grand success Without your dedication tireless supports & hard work it woudn't be possible. I hope that you all will continue to attent our future events and continue supporting us, looking forward to see you all in Nepali Mela on Sunday 27 August 2017 at Kempton Park Racecourse thank you.

Bohat Gurung 
President LSUK

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