Minutes of LSUK Reading Area meeting held on 27 October 2012

Minutes of LSUK Reading Area meeting held on 27 October 2012 at The Forgotten Gurkha Office in Reading. The following suggestions were forwarded by participants in the meeting after thorough discussion.

The Agendas-

  1. Shyora System update & issues.
  2. Information dissemination to participants of recent changes on Shyora system from the LSUK meeting on 23 September 2012.
  3. AOB.


From LSUK Executive Committee

  1. Krisna Gurung                  President/Chairman
  2. Bishwa Jang Gurung      Secretary
  3. Bohat Gurung                   Treasurer
  4. Purna Chandra Gurung Asst Treasurer
  5. Bidhan Gurung                 Entertainment IC
  6. Surendra Ghale               Member
  7. Indra Gurung     Chairperson, Lamjung Ama Samuha

From Reading Area

Omendra Gurung -  A Rep, Prem Gurung – A Rep, Nanda Bahadur Gurung – A Rep, San Bdr Ghale, Tham Bdr Grg, Umar Bdr Grg, Badriman Grg,  Ras Bdr Grg, Lilman Grg, Ramsai Grg, Man Psd Grg, Gopi Chandra Ghale, Ash Bdr Grg, Ram Psd Grg, Rubin Grg, Lal Bdr Ghale, Deo Bdr Grg, Narendra Grg, Bakhat Grg, Chandra Kasi Grg, Durga Grg, Manmaya Grg, Hor Bdr Grg, Rudra Raj Grg, Laxman Grg, Khem Devi Grg, Nanda Grg, Nar Psd Grg, Til Bdr Grg, Krishna Grg, Lekhman Grg, Cher Jung Grg, Laxmi Grg, Chija Grg, Lal Psd Ghale, Bimala Grg, Anil Grg, Tikaram Grg, Bed Bdr Ghale, Jhum Psd Grg, Bal Kumari Grg, Sir Kumari Grg, Yaumaya Grg, Krishna Ghale, Mangre Grg, Parshu Grg, Kharka Bdr Grg.

From Maidstone

Ganesh Grg, Dil Kumari Grg, Ganga Bdr Grg.

  1. The meeting was started at around 3 pm opening speech by the meeting coordinator, Omendra Gurung. He welcomed all the participants and expressed gratitude for their attendant. He also requested all to observe 1 minute silence for untimely demise of LSUK member Late Chandra Bahadur Gurung, 2/2 GR for his departed soul may rest in peace and condolence to the bereaved family.


  1. The Secretary, Bishwa Gurung also welcomed all participants and appreciated the selfless efforts by meeting coordinator, Omendra Gurung and his team and participants without them the meeting would not have been in this scale. He read out all the decisions regarding Shyora system decided in the 14th LSUK Ex-Com meeting held on 23 Sep 2012. He also mentioned that the new changes about Shyora system are also displayed in our website,www.lamjungsamaj.co.uk.
  1. The Treasurer, Bohat Gurung explained to all how the Shyora system is running, what are the difficulties and obstacles and how it can be managed with less effort from everyone sincerely helping hand by passing their respective residential address and phone number to him when changed. Similarly, he also requested all to membership renewal before expiry and shyora contribution on time mentioning their name and membership no. as reference when using bank/online transaction which makes his life much easier to trace and update in the system. He also emphasised ­­all to become life member paying £200.00 one time for life. He also showed graph of Shyora chart of previous 6 cases and in every case not able to attain 100% Shyora contribution. Thus, LSUK was compelled to make changes on current Shyora system for effective way and fairness to all. He informed the Shyora detail of Late Lal Bdr Grg was displayed on our website.
  1. The Chairperson of Lamjung Ama Samuha, Indra Gurung briefed about how Lamjung Ama Samuha formed and its aim & objectives. Currently, it has majority members from Farnborough, Aldershot, Camberley, Fleet & Sandhurst and some from Henley area too. She made it clear that anyone interested can become member of it despite of any area within the UK. She also pledged donation of Rs. 1 Lakh to Tamu Shangralaya from Lamjung Ama Samuha after their decision.
  1. The Asst Secretary, Purna Chandra Gurung also emphasised on new changes on Shyora system with little help from all mentioning their fullname and membership no. while using bank/online will make convenience to Treasurer for easy access and update on the system.
  1. The Entertainment IC, Bidhan Gurung and Surendra Ghale strongly requested all to cooperate and support LSUK to fulfil its aim & objectives.
  1. The President, Krisna Gurung extended gratitude to all and thanked all for active participation in the meeting with their thought sharing and had a great opportunity to meet in person to know each other closely. He explained all the amended points on Shyora system in detail and also clarified why it was necessary. He also answered the questions raised from the participants. He also informed about Tamu Shangrahalaya Besi Shahar charity that first instalment of Rs. 10 Lakh has been handed by Bohat Gurung and second instalment of Rs. 10 Lakh by Advisor, Ek Bahadur Gurung on their Nepal visit. The last instalment is due and still donation is raise to meet final amount of 37.5 Lakh. He also welcomed all to take part in forth coming Winter Party on 1st Dec 2012 at Oakfarm School and encouraged all to participate in coming AGM.

He also took this opportunity to thank Omendra Gurung and his team for the meeting. The meeting was huge success and we (Committee members) had good opportunity to clarify  some important points to our members and their family.  He was glad that most of the members took positive view for the meeting and our new policies. He thanked all and mentioned without their support it wouldn't have been possible.  He also thanked following members prem Gurung,  Tikaram Gurung, Nanda Bahadur Gurung, Jhum Grg, Krishna Bahadur Gurung,  Bed Ghale, Mrs  Agum kumari Gurung , Mrs Bimala Gurung and Mrs Laxmi Gurung for their hard work.

  1. The meeting was concluded around 7 pm with refreshments and dinner provided by the LSUK Reading with financial assistance of LSUK.

During discussion session, followings were raised by participants and answered by The President.

  1. Lal Bahadur Ghale, Pachok asked whether the Shyora contribution amount fully given to Next of Kin (NOK) of the deceased or kept in to the LSUK fund. He appreciated that the new changes included of immediate Emergency Fund of £ 3000 given to the bereaved family to arrange funeral rites.

Ans – The Shyora contribution amount is fully given to the Next of Kin and not a single penny is kept in the LSUK account.

  1. Nanda Bdr Grg, Bhulbhule inquired whether a single Shora contribution missing also regarded as non active shyora member.

Ans – Yes. If there is single Shyora contribution missing, then the missing is regarded as non active Shyora member (NASM).

  1. Ras Bdr Grg, Dubar asked how about 90% paid and 10% not paid Shyora contribution.

Ans – It is also regarded as NASM.

  1. Ash Bdr Grg, Kokegaun suggested whether the Shyora contribution amount could be deducted from £20 to £10 keeping view of increasing LSUK members and more senior citizen members. He also suggested of having Rep from numbariwise.

Ans – Though it seems justifiable suggestion but need to get consensus from all to amend it.

  1. Ram Psd Grg, Gilung greatly appreciated the work done by LSUK. Welcomed the area wise meeting and mentioned that most senior citizen members could not able to read/send text, not accessible to internet/email, some even have difficulties using phone. Therefore, this should be consider seriously and need to address accordingly.

Ans – Thank you for sharing real obstacles in real life.  We need to discuss in this matter and come for some solution.

  1. Ganesh Gurung, Pasgaun also appreciated of LSUK area wise meeting initiation. He suggested that such kind of meeting should take place either quarterly or monthly amending in forth coming AGM. He informed Maidstone Nepalese Community’s (MNC) active involved in funeral rites of Late Lal Bdr Grg. He also pledged Rs. 1 Lakh donation to Tamu Shangrahalaya Besi Shahar and hand over the sum in due course.

Ans – Thank you for the MNC information and Tamu Shangrahalaya donation of Rs. 1 Lakh. LSUK is holding regular meetings but area wise meeting initiated in order to pass information to grass root level.

  1. Til Bdr Grg, Sallahabot suggested that he is member of both LSUK & IPS (Ilam Pokhari Samaj) but  he things and recommend to have single society is better for all. Both their aims and objectives are similar to look after Lamjung basi members. He also asked who is responsible for providing donor certificate of Tamu Shangrahalaya.

Ans – Though both society look for their members welfare are of similar aim and objectives. In the case of LSUK member’s demise only 1 time Shyora contribution is necessary though you are member of 2 societies. Regarding Tamu Shangrahalaya donor certificate, they will provide in due course.

  1. Ganga Bdr Gurung, Bagum also appreciated area wise meeting is welcomed and wished for success in continuing  to other areas in the future.

The meeting has made following decisions after discussing on Agenda No. 1.

  1. After long discussion regarding Shyora System among attendees, it has been decided that Shyora non paying members are regarded as non active member for Shyora and excluded from Shyora facility from LSUK.
  1. If non active member wants to become active member again then he/she needs to clear all Shyora dues in the past and the calculated amount will be in an Emergency Fund of LSUK.
  1. Shyora details need to be also published in the LSUK website and the task has been delegated to the Treasurer and the Webmaster.
  1. The Shyora closing date for Late Lal Bahadur Gurung is until LSUK Winter Party on 1st December 2012 and in the future cases the deadline will be of 3 months from the date of demise.
  1. LSUK will provide sum of £3000 (Three thousand Pound) to the bereaved family on the funeral day of the member as Emergency Funeral Fund which is later deducted from Shyora collected amount and deposited in to the LSUK account.
  1. LSUK will not provide donation facilities to Any Non LSUK members in any circumstances.
  1. Regarding Agenda No. 2, the Co-ordinator of the event, Mr. Chandra Prasad Gurung, Advisor had explained in brief about LSUK participation, expenses and thanked all participants, nautch gurus and others. He also handed over the Appreciation letter from Tamu Dhee UK to the LSUK President, Mr. Krisna Gurung.
  1. Regarding Agenda No. 3, the Treasurer, Mr. Bohat Gurung explained about Tamu Shangrahalaya Besi Shahar, showed pictures of the buildings and handed over the first instalment amount Rs. 10,00,000 (Ten Lakhs) on behalf of LSUK to Tamu Shangrahalaya Besi Shahar officials amidst in a program. Similarly, the second instalment amount Rs. 10,00,000 (Ten Lakhs) also has been handed over to the concerned parties through Mr. Ek Bahadur Gurung, Advisor while on his visit to Nepal.
  1. Similarly, the Lamjung Ama Samuha has kindly decided to donate undisclosed amount for Tamu Shangrahalaya Besi Shahar. The donation amount after their meeting will be handed over to LSUK in due course. The President thanked and expressed gratitude to the Lamjung Ama Samuha for such generosity.
  1. Agenda No. 4, the President Krisna Gurung informed all about the LSUK Winter Party date and venue. The date for the party will be on 1st December 2012 (Saturday) and the Venue will be at Samuel Cody School (formerly known as Oakfarm School). More details will be followed after next meeting and the information will be also posted in the LSUK website i.e. www.lamjungsamaj.co.uk.
  1. AOB – Under AOB section following points were raised.
  1. Mr. Hira Gurung, Area Rep of Plumstead informed all about the problem faced by locals while cremating the dead bodies in Nepal. He also proposed charity program for Inciniration Facility in Besi Shahar will be great benefit to all and also generates money to run smoothly. It has been decided that his proposal will be put on to the forth coming AGM for further discussion.
  1. The President had proposed meetings arranging in different places of the UK where majority LSUK members were residing in order to disseminate LSUK aim, objectives, activities and important changes to all LSUK members in their respective Areas.  These meetings are for two way communications among LSUK Executive Committee members and the area wise LSUK members to share views, passing information to all and get to know each other closely. The members conveyed it is a positive move and the proposal was approved with overwhelmed. The meeting dates and venue will be posted on to LSUK website.

Lastly, the President Mr. Krisna Gurung concluded the meeting at around 1700 hrs thanking all those who have attended the meeting and taken part in the discussion and fruitful decisions on various issues. He also pledged continuous support from all to make LSUK an exemplary social organisation.


Bishwa Jang Gurung



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