Respected Patron Prof Dr Surya Prasad Subedi OBE, NRN President Muchhetra Grg, and NRN Holland President Himal Gurung, Dr Shanti Kala Subedi, LSUK Founder President, former Presidents & all advisors, executive committee members, members and families & friends, I would like to thank you all for attending our summer BBQ event on Saturday 18 June 2016. I hope everyone had a really enjoyable time. 

I would also like to thank our event coordinator, VP Chandra Bahadur Gurung for organising the different events and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Our sports secretary Prem Raj Gurung, entertainment secretary Prem Gurung, Aama Samuha, drink team and ticketing team for ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Thank you to our treasurers, secretaries, youth team, photographer and all our sponsors for supporting the event in their own roles and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Thank you to our hosts Mrs Nalina Gurung and Prem Gurung, the singers from Nepal and our local singers and dancers. I would also like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped directly and indirectly to make this event successful. I would like to congratulate all the winners of the football team, Chelo, ladies, children games & raffle draw. I hope that everyone enjoyed the event and thankfully, even the weather was on our side. 

Thank you for all the positive comments about the event however if there was anything that did not meet your expectations, than please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can further improve our future events. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone again for attending the event and hopefully you all will continue to attend our future events and continue supporting us.

Thank you.

Mr Bohat Gurung

Chairman of Lamjung Samaj UK


समाज चाहिदैन भन्नु होला 
अजम्बरी कसैले पनि ल्याएको छैन  यो चोला  

सात समुन्द्र पारी आएर बसेका छु हामी 
एक आपसमा सहयोग गरौ झर्को नमानी  

खोज्दैनो यहाँ, समाज कसैले पनि, दुख नपरी सम्म 
बुज्दैनो कहिले पनि, यही लाग्छा अचम्म 


गुरुङ्हरुको चिनारी हाम्रो लम्जुङ जिल्ला by राजु गुरुङ्

गुरुङ्हरुको चिनारी भनेर चिनाउने  हाम्रो लम्जुङ जिल्ला नेपाल अधिराज्य भरी नै एक रमाणिया   जिल्ला भनेर चिनिन्छ । हुनत यस जिल्लामा अरु जात जातीहरु नभएका पनि होईनन, निकै नै बाक्लो छ । तर बहु सङ्ख्यामा गुरुङ जातीहरुले नै ढाकेको छ । यस जिल्लाका मान्छेहरुले आफ्नो परम्परा र सस्कृती भने पछी मरिमेट्ने भावना राखेको हुन्छ ।Read more...

Lamjung Samaj UK Nepali Mela London 2015

A Magical Nepali Mela at Kempton Racecourse in Surrey – on Sunday 30th August 2015

Since its beginnings in 2009, the Nepali Mela has been the highlight of the year for the Nepalese community in the UK.  This year, Nepalese people living all over the UK flocked to Kempton Racecourse to celebrate Nepalese traditional and cultural values with enthusiasm and passion.  It was a fabulous showcase where men, women and children, all immaculately dressed in colourful tribal attire, sang and danced to traditional folk music, and proudly displayed their traditional beautifully carved bamboo baskets and wooden artefacts.

Dr Pro Surya Subedi OBE Patron LSUK From Khudi, Lamjung
Mr Chandra Prasad Gurung Founder, President LSUK 2007-2009 From Najere, Baglungpani
Mr Krishna Gurung President LSUK 2009-2012 From Baundanda, Lamjung
Mr Tularam Gurung President LSUK 2012-2016 From Okhari, Lamjung
Mr Bohat Gurung President LSUK 2016-Present From Ghan Pokhara, Lamjung

Nepali Mela Video

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Mr Bohat Gurung Mobile: 07769655267
Mr Purna Chandra Gurung Mob 07825889742
Mr Surendra Ghale Mob: 07805160995

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