Thank you latter from Chairman of LSUK for Nepali Mela 2016

Dear respected all,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Tamudhee UK & Nepal Embassy Nepali Mela (Fete) Organiser, distinguished guest, Ambassador, Diplomats/high commissioners (over 24 countries) and all participants of the 8thNepali Mela (Fete) UK 2016.

I would like to congratulate all the members of Lamjung Samaj UK for the outstanding Jhaki performance and cultural dance (Krishna charitra) performance which lead us to achieve first prize in both categories and allowed us to be the overall Ambassador Cup winner 2016.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Coordinator Purnaraj Gurung, A/Coordinator Parshu Gurung , A/Coordinator Mrs Tara Gurung,  all Sorathi Naach (Krishna  Charitra) team, Gatu Team, Chudka Team, Thado bhaka Team,  Aama Samuha , youths and all participants of the jhaki  for your huge support, tremendous hard work and tireless dedication to make this NEPALI MELA 2016 a historic success by achieving such outstanding results for LSUK members and families.  We are overwhelmed with the results and our hard work has finally paid off. I would also like to thank all sponsors, each and every one of you who have given direct or indirect support and dedication.

I believe that every generation has an obligation to preserve, maintain and pass on our culture and traditions to our future generations. Collectively, our Nepalese communities are working together to create unique and treasured memories that will remain as part of our history for future generations to come.

Finally, I am very hopeful that all Lamjunges will take part & support us in every future event which will help us achieve such desirable achievement in the future as well.

Thank you.

Bohat Gurung

President LSUK


LSUK organised a program with typical name “BHALAKUSARI” on Saturday, the 14th September, 2013 at Nirmaya Dohori, Adershot, UK. The main aims of program were to farewell for departing president and founder vice president Mr Krishna Gurung (current advisor), and to honor the leading business man & woman in Australia, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & MD (Managing Director) of MIT (Melbourne Institute of Technology) and Richest Man & Woman in top 200 in Australia, Mr Shesh Ghale & his wife Mrs Jamuna Gurung both are originally from Nayu Gaun & Gilung Gaun Lamjung respectively, and former four times parliament member from Lamjung district and four times state Minister Mr Ram Bahadur Gurung from Bahundanda Lamjung.Read more...

योरा र स्योक्राको परिभाषा


 योरा र स्योक्राको परिभाषा

लमजुङ समाज यु.के. बहुजाती,बहुधर्म,बहुभाषाभेषा र बहुसंस्कृतिको मिश्रण संस्था होयहाँ धेरै जातजाती र समुदायहरु मिलेर समाज बनेकोछ। भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्कृति र परंम्पराले जातियताको पहिचान गर्छआफ्नो जातीय पहिचान जिबित राखने कर्तब्य जातीय समुदायहरुको होअरु जातीय समुदायहरुको भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्क्रिती र परंम्परालाई पनि उतिकै सम्मान र ईज्यात गर्नुपर्छ। जातीय समुदाय भित्र आफ्नै प्रकारको पहिचान हुन्छ र आफ्नो पहिचानमा गौँराब पनि हुन्छ। गुरुङ (तमु) हरुकोसमुदाय भित्र पनि आफ्नै प्रकारको भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्क्रिती र परंम्पराहरु छन। यही कुराहरुले गुरुङ (तमु) हरुको चिनारी गर्छ  भाषामा पनि  गुरुङ्हरुले आफ्नो छुट्टै मौलिक शब्दहरु  प्रयोग गरिएको  हुन्छ। जुन शब्दहरु मध्ये "स्योरा / रस्योक्रा" पनि एक हो



समाज चाहिदैन भन्नु होला 
अजम्बरी कसैले पनि ल्याएको छैन  यो चोला  

सात समुन्द्र पारी आएर बसेका छु हामी 
एक आपसमा सहयोग गरौ झर्को नमानी  

खोज्दैनो यहाँ, समाज कसैले पनि, दुख नपरी सम्म 
बुज्दैनो कहिले पनि, यही लाग्छा अचम्म 

Dr Pro Surya Subedi OBE Patron LSUK From Khudi, Lamjung
Mr Chandra Prasad Gurung Founder, President LSUK 2007-2009 From Najere, Baglungpani
Mr Krishna Gurung President LSUK 2009-2012 From Baundanda, Lamjung
Mr Tularam Gurung President LSUK 2012-2016 From Okhari, Lamjung
Mr Bohat Gurung President LSUK 2016-Present From Ghan Pokhara, Lamjung

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Mr Bohat Gurung Mobile: 07769655267
Mr Purna Chandra Gurung Mob 07825889742
Mr Surendra Ghale Mob: 07805160995

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