Chairman Thank you letter for Nepali Meela 2018

Respected Patron, Advisors, Executive members, Aama Samuha, Members, Youth  and all well wishers, 

Huge Congratulations, 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Members of Lamjung Samaj UK, I am absolutely delighted to inform you all that we made a HAT-TRICKby winning the Ambassador Cup and NRNA Cup at the  10th  NEPALI MELA 2018for the third consecutive year. This is a historical moment for us and this historical success would not be possible without your tireless effort, hard work and unity. Credit  goes to 10th Nepali Mela Coordinator/Adviser  Purna Raj Gurung &  all Assistant Coordinators Parshu Gurung, Advisor Mrs Tara Gurung & Indrajit Gurung, for their tireless effort  & hard work for achieving historic result by winning Ambassador Cup for third time consecutively. Also would like to thank you Culture Natch Gurus, Culture Dancers, Dharma Gurus, Aama Samuha, Youth, Admin Team, Media, Sponsors, Jhanki participants & those who supported us directly or indirectly for their tireless effort  & hard work.

The event was well orchestrated with participation by various organisations in the UK. I strongly believe that the main aim of preserving our cultural identities and traditional value were achieved and it has been also proven that we can always be successful being united with mutual understanding and harmony. The huge crowd of all folks of life and all ages gathered in one venue to promote our rich culture and heritage.

Last but not least, I am very grateful for everyone for all the effort that had been put into this for the past 3 years from planning, organising and participating which allowed us to achieve this success. I am very proud of all the Lamjungies and am very happy with the results. Once again thank you very much for all the support, well done !

Jai Lamjung Samaj UK.

Bohat Gurung

President of LSUK 


समाज चाहिदैन भन्नु होला 
अजम्बरी कसैले पनि ल्याएको छैन  यो चोला  

सात समुन्द्र पारी आएर बसेका छु हामी 
एक आपसमा सहयोग गरौ झर्को नमानी  

खोज्दैनो यहाँ, समाज कसैले पनि, दुख नपरी सम्म 
बुज्दैनो कहिले पनि, यही लाग्छा अचम्म 


गुरुङ्हरुको चिनारी हाम्रो लम्जुङ जिल्ला by राजु गुरुङ्

गुरुङ्हरुको चिनारी भनेर चिनाउने  हाम्रो लम्जुङ जिल्ला नेपाल अधिराज्य भरी नै एक रमाणिया   जिल्ला भनेर चिनिन्छ । हुनत यस जिल्लामा अरु जात जातीहरु नभएका पनि होईनन, निकै नै बाक्लो छ । तर बहु सङ्ख्यामा गुरुङ जातीहरुले नै ढाकेको छ । यस जिल्लाका मान्छेहरुले आफ्नो परम्परा र सस्कृती भने पछी मरिमेट्ने भावना राखेको हुन्छ ।


योरा र स्योक्राको परिभाषा


 योरा र स्योक्राको परिभाषा

लमजुङ समाज यु.के. बहुजाती,बहुधर्म,बहुभाषाभेषा र बहुसंस्कृतिको मिश्रण संस्था होयहाँ धेरै जातजाती र समुदायहरु मिलेर समाज बनेकोछ। भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्कृति र परंम्पराले जातियताको पहिचान गर्छआफ्नो जातीय पहिचान जिबित राखने कर्तब्य जातीय समुदायहरुको होअरु जातीय समुदायहरुको भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्क्रिती र परंम्परालाई पनि उतिकै सम्मान र ईज्यात गर्नुपर्छ। जातीय समुदाय भित्र आफ्नै प्रकारको पहिचान हुन्छ र आफ्नो पहिचानमा गौँराब पनि हुन्छ। गुरुङ (तमु) हरुकोसमुदाय भित्र पनि आफ्नै प्रकारको भाषाभेषा,धर्म,संस्क्रिती र परंम्पराहरु छन। यही कुराहरुले गुरुङ (तमु) हरुको चिनारी गर्छ  भाषामा पनि  गुरुङ्हरुले आफ्नो छुट्टै मौलिक शब्दहरु  प्रयोग गरिएको  हुन्छ। जुन शब्दहरु मध्ये "स्योरा / रस्योक्रा" पनि एक हो


Lamjung Samaj UK 10th Anniversary 25 Nov 2017

Dr Pro Surya Subedi OBE Patron LSUK From Khudi, Lamjung
Mr Chandra Prasad Gurung Founder, President LSUK 2007-2009 From Najere, Baglungpani
Mr Krishna Gurung President LSUK 2009-2012 From Baundanda, Lamjung
Mr Tularam Gurung President LSUK 2012-2016 From Okhari, Lamjung
Mr Bohat Gurung President LSUK 2016-Present From Ghan Pokhara, Lamjung

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