Thank you message from LSUK Chairman

Dear all Lamjunge

Baba Ama, Dajubhai Didibahini and Nani Ketaketiharu,

First of all, I would like to congratulate from the bottom of my Heart to all my Lamjunge Haru for winning the second Prize of "Ambassador Cup 2015" in Nepali Mela organised by TDUK every year. This is one of the greatest achievement for LSUK in history. The participation, unity, team work and cultural presentation was very unique and outstanding. I believe every single spectator of Mela witnessed this fact. Every single Lamjunge has contributed directly or indirectly to achieve this success. I thank you them all. A big round of applause goes to Capt(Rtrd) Dev Ghale who gave 110% effort being a main principal co-ordinator of the event. We really appreciate his hard work and contribution. Similarly thank you for assistant co-ordinators Mrs Tara Gurung and Mr Harka Gurung for helping Dev Ghale jyu in all aspect. A big thank you to all Ghancheri haru, Ghantu team, Serka team, Thado Bhaka team, Teej team, LSUK Ama Samuha, Youth team and young Naniharu including those who took part in the Jhanki. Last but not least, thank you to all personnel who helped in admin, food, transport, media and photography for the show. Once again, I feel very proud to be a Lamjunge. I wish the same unity, spirit, team work and helping nature to be flourished in upcoming days between all Lamjunge haru.

Jai Lsuk

Tularam Gurung
Chairman of the LSUK

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